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I had a great time with this family of five this past April. They are from Texas, the state I claim as home, so we have a special bond. I especially love that all five of them showed up in their cowboy boots for this session. How cute are they?!

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How wonderful is childhood?! Every time I take a photo of a little person, I hope to portray the love for life and adventure that overflow from them. I can definitely feel it from these darling kiddos while they wait patiently for the train to pass.

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tulip farm

This past April, my two little ones and I stumbled upon a very fortunate {and beautiful} discovery. We found a pick-your-own tulip farm only about 10 miles from our home! There were only six days left in the tulip season, so the three of us happened to drop by four days that week. We all […]

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perfect pair shower

I sure do love parties. Any kind- birthday, shower, surprise, or even just a dinner party for no reason! Not only do I enjoy making decorations for a party, but I find great delight in photographing one {and all the tiny details}. Contact me if you are interested in finding a photographer to document your […]

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Hello world!

Well, here I am. It has been a long, prayerful journey of whether or not to take the jump in to this crazy, scary, exciting photography world. I don’t claim to know all about the business- I will be the first to tell you that I have a lot to learn. But, I do know […]

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